Winter 2

Jan 6 - Feb 23

$168 per player

Shirts for new players


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Email: stella@xlsportsworld.com 


It is the intent of the XL Thunder Basketball Program to provide players with positive experiences and opportunities that empower them to grow; both as basketball players and as members of their respective communities. Thunder strives to be a memorable part of our players journey by providing a healthy and safe environment that develops each player's character by teaching the value of teamwork and sportsmanship through the game of basketball.  Our goal is to empower each player to reach their full potential through our highly experienced coaching staff who use instruction and techniques that are designed to improve skills and enable players to compete at high levels but also teach our players respect for themselves, peers and their community by instilling a code of ethics built on integrity, responsibility, teamwork and leadership.


XL Thunder basketball players and parents become a part of a family in which they contribute to and benefit from in a multitude of ways. We value the fundamentals of the game, we play beautiful team basketball, we compete at the highest level, but we are more than that,  we are FAM ON THREE!

Grades 4 - 8

Thunder Basketball

WINTER 2 2020 | JAN 6 - FEB 23


Winter 2 2020

Jan 8 - Feb 14

$93 per player

Includes t-shirt


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Email: stella@xlsportsworld.com 


Fall 4v4 basketball is a program designed to introduce basketball to 1st and 3rd graders. One practice a week focuses on ball handling, learning the game and developing skills. There will be games on a Friday evening where the teams come together to apply the skills they have learned. It is a fast paced and fun atmosphere where the coaches and elite Thunder players come together to share their love of the game with the upcoming Thunder prospects.

Practices: Wednesday 5.30pm

Games: Friday 5.00pm - 7.00pm 

Grades 1 - 3 

Thunder 4v4

Winter 2 2020 | Jan 8 - Feb 14



 per player

Registration Open

Email: abi@xlsportsworld.com 


Thunder will be holding Pre Season conditioning clinics to help players become game ready for the season. Our trainers will be Ramone Powell, Abiola Davids, John Morgan and Mikey Harmon. 

Our coaches will be looking to enhance speed, agility, explosive power, vertical leap. ball handling, finishing and shooting from distance and defensive footwork and control. 

Grades 4 - High School 

Conditioning Clinic